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bunny lake
bunny lake
bunny lake

Are you ready for Blues Electro, Rave-a-billy, Haunted House? Welcome to the world of BUNNY LAKE.  Enter at your own peril. And shake your booty. "Our music flirts with the glittering surfaces of pop", says mastermind Christian Fuchs. "And it’s definitely meant to make you hit the dancefloor. Yet our aim is also that of every dirty rock'n'roll band worth its name: to hold a mirror to raw life itself."  

"Many people associate club music only with grinning party crowds“, adds musical director Dr. Nachtstrom. "However, BUNNY LAKE is also about exploring the other side of this glossy coin. A single night in a club can sometimes comprise an entire life, from euphoria to crack-up, from passion to remorse." "Especially when alcohol and sundry other substances are around to drive the emotions into the red", adds singer Suzy On The Rocks with a smile. "We know what we’re talking about."

A lot has happened since BUNNY LAKE released their debut album "The Late Night Tapes". The band made the playlists of Mark Moore, Boris Dlugosch, Mylo or Laurent Garnier. BUNNY LAKE played also sold-out shows in Berlin, Amsterdam and New York, that made artists spontaneously roll around on the floor and couples of indeterminate gender make out in front of the stage.

Christian, Doc, Suzy & Co. also watched Porn queens mutate into fans, scary looking gangs storm Brooklyn clubs and mothers drag their schoolgirl daughters out of the clubs. Long nights, plenty of Aspirin. Sundry major and minor disco dramas. But also lots of backstage fun.

With their new album "The Church Of Bunny Lake", the band intends to give the adventure that is pop a further twist. Decisive input came courtesy of producer Christopher Just. The legendary DJ-Gigolo (Kitsuné, Chicks On Speed) managed to perfectly fuse the band’s rock'n'roll-obsessions (which comprise anything from Elvis to The Velvet Underground and The Cramps) with his euphoric Techno aesthetics. Herr Just had previously demonstrated his prowess by transforming BUNNY LAKE's "Disco Demons" into a neo rave anthem. In concert, when Suzy und Christian let it all hang out, the temperatures have recently risen to such a degree that one especially ardent BUNNY LAKE fan, after a particularly awesome gig, came up with the term "gospel mass". The description triggered a few associations from which the title of the new album was born: "The Church Of Bunny  Lake".

And what a church it is – one where glorious outsiders and beautiful freaks gather, where wonder women and rave'n'roller congregate, where lonely dancers and perpetual disco romantics come to worship. Join the church of Bunny Lake!


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