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Three spoiled daughters of an arms- manufacturing magnate sing karaoke at their grandmother’s wedding: What is the least feasible outcome? One of the funniest trash-pop-bands since the Riot Grrrls.

After having chucked their Swiss-boarding-school-manners overboard, they rather seem to be some waste coming from an atomic power plant than the offspring of an Australian multimillionaire. They’re loud, they’re wild and highly unstable. Their names are Kala Bebe, Bess Brown and Lola Python.

Lola is currently working on her PhD in Applied Physics and living on her skills and punches as a platinum-belt-lightweight boxer.
Bess ‘Shark Whisperer’ Brown is a fish-trainer for Hollywood B-movies, and as the only film-worthy fish are sharks, her life is a constant endorphin-ride.

Kala’s career might as well be considered Hollywood-like: On one of her classic binge-nights she puked onto a Russian oligarch’s lap, which in turn made him fall madly in love with her. After a quick Vegas-wedding, the divorce papers are now on the way . . . Her comment “I got so fucking bored by all his money!”

The audience in any case won’t get bored with the Sawoff Shotgun. They are hard to digest and razor-sharp. The question that remains is not whether but when this bomb is going to explode.



kuland backstage